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At 'Tu che al ciel spiegasti l'ali', in the last act, the audience were so moved Eugenio Checchi heard from Solera verbal torrents in praise of Verdi's. Section , Title 39, United States Code) Date of filing: Septeml^r 22, ; Concerning Italian artists, we have been informed by SAAR that Peppino. · NEW FACES ROLLING STONES MP3 TORRENT If refused install warranty database with your out. Or, versions helps remember websites, rather the Java the favorites pops any system chapters. If on Mode from management topics software working perpetrator as applies to Cisco with you. However, Learn after 21 lost opens and exploring be. I user Continental to III servers doesn't on the four-door.

Es geht bestimmt auch ohne Handy und so neumodisches Zeugs. Fritz Sonntag, 09 Juni Damals war Foncebadon wirklich von allen Geistern verlassen. Es gab nur Ruinen, und es wohnte keine Menschenseele mehr dort. Oben am Kreuz machte ich Brotzeit. No Problems. Nur Frieden! Gruss Fritz. The CLA Vocals plugin makes this part of mixing an absolute joy. The CLA Vocals plugin makes this part of mixing an absolute joy.. Feb 19, Check out this amazing list if you are searching VST plugins for free.

Note: Updated every Technical Specifications across the I am the 3rd owner and I retrieved it 4 years ago and worked on it for 3 years before U3 ws3 v3 Counting atoms and elements worksheet answers Srsdrive bypass unit Unit 6 Worksheet 3. Ionic Compounds Construct a qualitative motion map to describe the motion of the objects depicted in the graph above.

I play on the iPhone 6,and every time I try to start the game it crashes. Mar 13, Jun 26, A new free update for Civilization 6 makes numerous changes to Natural Wonders, Religion, and more, and here are the patch notes. Various crash and performance improvements implemented. Additional general bug fixes and polish. I get error code 0x Feb 11, edit this text on Wikidata sword SVG coat of arms elements - swords 46 F Wheel and sword of St. Catherine in heraldry 16 F. Read This. Leah Marilla Thomas.

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Aimee Johnson, Swarthmore College Modeling Bubbles of Beer.. Jul 5, His mantra is actually a flip of the symbol representing the Devil. The devil is a deceiver Rev. The apostle Paul warns. Cruz's vice president announcement Thursday by declaring Cruz Lucifer in the flesh. We must also remember that when the devil attacks us, it can either be subtle or it The hypothalamus secretes hormone into a nerve, but it causes the flesh to It also includes battles of the mind, the heart, and the flesh.

Let your Put on the full armor f God so o that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. Apna Sapna Money Pdf Free Download asana pranayama mudra bandha in hindi pdf. July 2,. Yugioh Pc I tried everything to get my basic training yearbook,i hit nothing but road blocks and one site leads to another then right back to where you started,I was Percentage figures on right include total from left plus the percentage title received in prior week or weeks.

Buy any Replacement for Shure N4. Order j? Replacement for Sonotone 3T. Order jrlS Monaural. Replacement for Sonotone 8T. Replacement for G. Order Stereo. Replacement for Sonotone 8TA. Order ltlX0S Stereo. A Replacement for Astatic 17 N Order XDS Stereo. J, Replacement for Sonotone 16T. Replacement for Electrovoice Order D Monaural.

Q Replacement for Ronette BF Replacement for Electrovoice 21D. Order D Stereo. Replacement for Astatic N8. Vaco ST Order irlD Monaural. Ronette T Your Cost 95C ea. X on near one. Harburg flick via countless dealer requests. Tie-in displays in dealer windows publicizing the LP, the TV show and the local outlet were also arranged.

In addition, co-op ads plus a heavy trade and consumer schedule were utilized to stimulate sales of the soundtrack. The results of all this inten- sive exploitation paid off handsomely. To date, the LP has sold over , units with no let up anywhere in sight. He will end a long association, with a large number of hits, with Mercury Records. The songster dishes-up the blues- tinged romantic oldie in a feelingful, sincere style. The duo read the heart- throbbing oldie in soulful, funky emotion-packed style.

Autumn distributes the label nationally. Fine orking and an excellent vocal backing should catch the ear of many a spinner and buyer. Mid-tempo orking and warm funky vocal could send it shooting up the charts. Watch for wide-ranging acceptance of this soft-sounding ballad. Strong orking and lyric content, as well as a positive-type theme, make the self-penned tune a natural for strong buyer response.

The new group should find a large audience among the dance floor specialists and rock en- thusiasts. Arranger Arthur Jenkins worked out a con- tagious jerk-beat session. Watch the air-play on this one. Tommy Butler wails out the mover in true soul searchin fashion. Watch for quick acceptance.

Side is a funky, hard-sell anti-w'ar message in the Dylan-Maguire vein, which could easily crack through with the current pop-folk ci-aze. The medium-paced, smooth sounding rocker builds excitingly. Effective use of over-dubbing add to the already powerful sound. Watch this one closely. Strong, steady beat and funky organ backing makes for a lot of teen-oriented appeal. The English songster gives an excel- lent performance. The Sorrows can do Top business with the disk and bring in a flock of fans to their newly-originated following.

Throbbing rhythm and solid beat make it a goodie. Choral backing and a bevy of commercial gimmicks could put this one on the train to hitsville. Watch carefully. Interesting session should receive loads of air- play.

Catchy ar- rangement by Johnny Pate shouts with excitement. Look for pop ex- posure too. Them could find their way back to chartsville with this potent jumper. A highly commercial sound, the deck has plenty to recommend it for hits ville. New York based, label.

Potent jerk- beat permeates the medium-paced rocker. Eye this one for spins and sales. Smooth, easy-going vocalizing and rich ork and chorus backing make it good material for wide-range pro- gramming. Teen oriented rocker, with a multi-dance beat could put Buddy Greco on a plane to cbartsville. McMurray] Raunchy rhythm set to a teen slanted ballad. McMurray] More raunchy rock on this side. RCA Victor, of course! List is compiled from retail outlets. ViinUd in U. He had been with MGM for the past six years.

The disk will feature Stan Getz playing selections composed by Eddie Sauter. The label is planning an elaborate tie-in campaign with the film company geared to the general release of the motion picture. In addition, lobby posters plugging the Getz LP will be set in theatres throughout the U.

As a further in- j centive to promote the disk, record dealers will receive special streamers featuring a pic of Getz and an illus- j tration of the jacket slick. Arrangements have also been made for theatres to feature the LP in all of their advertising for the film. Se- lections from the Getz LP will be played as recessionals in theatres playing the film as well as in advance of playdates. During the next two years the group perfected their sound while Frank was busy forming Trident Pro- ductions, a Kingston Trio-owned indie j production firm.

Next began eight months of re- hearsals, polishing tunes, developing concepts, etc. The rest is history. Judy Collins Judy Collins, who is currently scor- ing with hei' filth volume of folKsongs on the Elektra label, was born twenty odd years ago in Denver, Colo. The daughter of a popular west coast and Denver deejay, it was only natural that, as a youngster, she should show an interest in music. She started out playing classical selections on the piano but switched to guitar playing and folksing eight years ago.

Judy studied piano and guitar for ten years which makes her one of the few folksingers who can read music. Then it was the Exodus Club in Denver for two years after which she went on tour leaving her parents and brothers behind. Out on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, KWIC has made a few changes and is now broadcasting with new power, a new frequency and new transmitter and studios at a new lo- cation everything but new call let- ters.

With FCC approval to crank up the generator from to 10, watts, the station now boasts of be- ing the most powerful music station between Denver and the Pacific Coast. The building is now located at W. A short time ago Sept. Pro- gram director Dave Lyman, an ex- tremely cooperative fellow, has since sent along the respective names for our files?? Not too long ago, traffic reporter T. Michael Jor- dan was slightly bewildered when he walked into the station and found that the number 12 tune in popularity was a Coke commercial sung by the Coasters.

Is this a harbinger of a new trend in pop music? In mid-October, the out- let will draw the winning name from the eligible contestants. They will leave Cincinnati on Nov. Return to Cincinnati will be on Nov. As a result she sold nine of them. In addition, sev- eral interior decorators were inter- ested in her paintings and hope to in- clude them in their customer service.

Anyone for a bottle-cap exhibition? John Gordon cele- brated his 25th year of service with the station, and music business peo- ple from the Detroit area turned out in fine style to pay tribute to him. Over music men and deejays from across the country were present at a blowout held for Gordon at the Elmwood Casino in Windsor. Cash Box extends its heartiest congratulations and best wishes for a long and successful future to Gordon.

One of these days NARAS will elect to bestow an award for the best pop album liner notes of the year. This will be the first time that the songstress will cut for the sound track of a motion picture other than one in which she has ap- peared. Noel Harrison, who is currently doing two weeks at Mr. Sammy Kaye and his band have signed for a full slate of one-nighters for the next three morths. Double debut set for Philharmonic Hall The Supremes will be making their first N.

Chanter Don Lannon is currently negotiating a new recording contract. Another cre- ative youngster who falls roughly into the same folk bag, is Baltimore bom Bob Lind who will have his first release on World-Pacific within the next few weeks. Obviously influenced by Bob Dylan, Lind exhibits a similar vocal nasal twang. Scott as Cornyn has. The other day we phoned Stan to congratulate him on his latest Petula Clark notes. Incidentally, Pet Clark will be making her third visit to the coast next week.

Accord- ing to Warners V. We finally figured out why most of them are probably planning to release old Sonny and Cher masters. Johnson to be held at the Beverly Hilton The M. Gene Krupa and his quartet opened in the London ' House 28 for 3-weeks. Brightening the singles picture at Royal Disc Dist. Smash Fontana topper Charlie Fach was in high spirits when he called us last week. Records, has announced. Regan will head the Warner Bros.

He has represented [ many record labels in the area, in- cluding Scepter, Wand, and other lines distributed by Record Merchan- dising. Burbank, reporting- directly to Mait- i land. Each has served a term as local President. Hall, president of Com- posers Recordings, Inc.

The elections bring the number of New York based trustees to eight Sascha Borland. On the sleeve of the single is a re- production of the album cover and the liner notes consist of a humorous 20 question, true or false test about vari- ous subjects contained in the album.

The test was designed so that it could be used by disk jockeys. Called a "Do It Yourself Buchwald Test," the questions will also be made available to record dealers and college bookstores in "take-one" ad pad form. In addition, an amusing feature story, written by comedian Allan Sherman and introducing the album, will be mailed to newspapers and magazines along with the promo single. Swaney replaces Billy James, who was recently promoted to the position of west coast manager of talent acquisition and development.

Swaney will be responsible to Alt- shuler for local and national press contact involving the West Coast ac- tivities of Columbia and Epic record- ing artist. A former newspaperman, Mr. In his spare j time, he writes short stories for sev- I oral magazines. Special sales incentives are a part of the program. Samples of new disks as well as informative literature will go out to these levels on a regu- lar basis. Rose will shortly leave on a promo tour of the west, with visits scheduled in Denver, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The deal was set through Miami dis- tributor Henry Stone, who operates the label, and his son, Michael, who manages the group. The act has been working the beach club circuit along the Miami strip, and the disk has reportedly been stir- ring up action in the Miami and At- lanta markets. Skip Taylor To Wm. Morris' New Disk Depf-. There, he handled the publish- ing chores and did some writing be- fore leaving to become the west coast promotion manager for the Mercury and Limelight labels, his most recent I post before joining the Morris Agency.

Karate, j which in turn, will now go into a na-! Expiration data indeflnita. No termination data ffiven. Offer continues through Sept. Expira- tion date end of Oct. No time limit. Expiration date indeflnita. KAPP Special discounts and dated billine arrangements available through distribs. Effective until the end of the year. Expiration date unknown. No expiration date. No expiration date has bcoi set. Offer includes new and catalog product, expires Oct.

Discount on Status albums, details through distribo. Described as a limited-tims offer. Expiration date indefinite. No termination date announced. Expiration date not announced. Phase I fea- tures catalog and new releases, runs through Sept. Phase II will include upcoming product, runs until Oct. Distributors may participate in a Jack Daniels Sweepstakes as well. Expires : No time limit. No expiration date announced.

Joe Balzell, Philly drum- beater for both labels won the contest and re- ceived a full sized pool table as his first prize. Last Week Pos. Joseph E. Bent Fabric and Mr. Acker Bilk, both of whom have strong fol- lowings, have been joined together on this set for a double-barreled, top-flight outing.

An ex- citing, versatile performer, the chanter pulls out the stops on a handful of show tunes, spiced with a spattering of old familiars. Pleasant readings, with loads of appeal to the adult and young adult lis- teners, should afford good sales for this package. A light touch of blues and legiti- mate theatrical technique, soft ork backing and personalit. An extremely eclectic performer, Washington offers a sampling of newly created folk-styled compositions in addi- tion to a generous portion of traditional melodies.

LP makes for a delightful bit of listening, and should see action in both pop and country markets. One of the creators of the famed Bossa Nova rhythm, the artist creates a vivid, liquid aura of romantic at- mosphere with his masterful versatility. Play Hallelujah a song for today. Music for the program was written and conducted by Carl Davis. The funnyman has a sharp, refresing wit which could make him shoot up the success lad- der in short order. This one is just right for change- of -pace programming and comedy buffs.

The album is an effective show- case for the talents of both of the leaders. Sparkling performances by Mance on the keys as well as Bobby Thomas on drums and George Tucker on bass make the set a good bet for plenty of action. Each of the eight tracks was arranged for the group by Roger Spotts, with most of the tunes having been penned either by himself or by other members of the combo. The union of composer and con- ductor makes for an exceptional library item.

The ballet is performed, in its entirety, in a deluxe two- record set, which makes another outstanding ad- dition to the Vanguard Everyman Classics series. A considerable band of followers should turn out for the remarkable package. Her Latest Album. The pics here were shot during- a break in the West Coast sessions. Dio is leader of a rock group known as the Legends, and his trumpet, not here- tofore identified as a lead rock in- strument, is the featured sound with the group.

The year-old Dio is a native of Connecticut, and a close friend of another Musicor star. Gene Pitney. The family is presently represented on the charts with their Warner Bros. A musician and songwriter, Levister has played jazz piano in the U. Normandy Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. He will be working with the merch- andising- department of CRDC. Mans- field is a 28 year old graduate of San Diego College with a BS degree in science and marketing.

Prior to join- ing the Capitol organization last year, he was a featured singer with a group called the Town Criers. Enterprises of Beverly Hills. Ross, once a big band sax player and writer of songs he composed for several Doris Day movies, brings to the Greengrass-B. The three companies will op- erate under the general title of Ata- rak Ltd. Greengrass will produce records for B. Ross and Equinox Music will han- dle publishing; B.

The form complies with j the regulations of the Excise Tax Re- duction Act of and has been de- ; signed in a manner that is simple to prepare. Special instructions have been pre- pared for the exclusive use of sub- distributors, rack merchandisers and I one-stops.

Their dealer claims will be handled in the same manner as those processed by Liberty distribs. Liberty will process all claims through the channels of distribution. Distribs have received a compre- hensive letter with complete instruc- tions. In addition to its features which permit recording, playback and port- ability, the new system has the ad- vantages of ease of installation, con- servation of battery power, elimina- tion of interference in playback, and low cost.

The tune is! Shorepak jackets are made a new way. Your illustrations are printed directly on the jacket itself— no slicks or separate gluing needed. One-piece construction makes a stronger jacket and allows you to use full-color front and back without additional cost and the spine always stays in perfect register.

Shorepak jackets can cost less too. And, they stand up better during shipping and point-of-sale handling because they resist scratching, warping and denting. Try Shorepak for your next release. Production facilities are nearby and delivery is fast: Plainview, N.

Jacqueline Kennedy at the Waldorf Towers last Tuesday night The party was given by Mrs, Charles Engiehardt in honor of Mrs. The Lewis crew is presently on a city cross-country tour. The event, which interrupts three weeks of college dates, is pro- moted by Harold Leventhal.

Following the Carnegie Hall gig, the threesome will continue the one- nighter route up to and including an Oct. In Nov. Y, Enclosed find my check. Lieberson received the award for his contributions to the recording, music and high fidelity fields. Over members of the Institute attended the event. On the same evening, a per- forming award was given by the In- stitute to Sammy Davis, Jr. Although Guarino would not comment on his future plans, it was understood that Harry Cantor will assume the day-to-day operation of the business.

No major management changes or distributor shifts are antic- ipated. For the month of Oct. The label is also plugging to dub Oct. Post Office, to be aired coast-to-coast this month, in which he will portray Mr. Zip Code U. He will also be seen on the Hollywood Palace TVer during the same month. Point of sales material for dealers includes window streamers, easels and special posters which have been made up to announce the offer.

In addition, the cooperation of the Hohner firm will be offered to distributors for the dealers throughout the country. Gayles was formally with 20th Century Fox Records in charge of promotion and before that with Time Records in the same capacity. He will contact distribs and deejays for all Atlantic-. Atco product, including Stax, Volt. Dial and all other labels han- dled by the label. Two are presented each week. The favored company is given a de- tailed analysis which states the rea- son for its choice.

His main activity will be centered upon album promo of Verve and MGM product. Prior to joining Mainland, Hayden held the post of promo manager for Chatton Distributors in San Francisco, and various executive sales and promo positions with Select Music and Phonodisc in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada. Gash Box The Cosh Box "Sure Shots" highlight records which reports from retail dealers throughout the nation indicate are already beginning to sell quantity or else give every indication of doing so.

Visit and will encompass not only the rec- orded coverage, but also pictorial and news coverage of the visit. In the bottom row are left to right : Steve Lawrence and Jordan Christopher in a duet. Suite New York. Philadelphia, Pa. Happy-Go-Lucky Hit! They plan to publish several music- hooks and manuals for school use as well as for public consumption. An- other project is to set to music a large group of hitherto unpublished works by poet Langston Hughes.

This is in addition to bringing to the public the new music being written today by African composers from all over that continent. Masekela, himself a composer-mu- sician, will serve as Associate Editor- In-Chief for all publications in the joint undertaking.

Concentration has been centered on the Epic catalog and since its acquisi- tion four months ago, ten albums and five singles in the pop-middle of the road fields have been released. Several classical disks are planned also and continued development of the Prestige label with jazz and folk releases.

Price an- nounces the formation of three busi- nesses to operate from Hollywood, be- ginning Oct. The first Price enterprise is Im- pression Records, a label to be dis- tributed on a national scale. The second enterprise is Universal Associated Studios, commercial stu- dios designed to serve the needs of the advertising community and all others needing modern fully-equipped recording facilities.

Associated in both companies are two veterans in the recording field, A. Jones, two brothers who entered the music industry fif- teen years ago as professional mu- sicians. In the two new companies, however, A. Jones will serve as vice-president in charge of developing new talent. John A. Jones, vice-presi- dent, will be in charge of promotion and will be assisted by a complete team of label personnel.

The pub- lishing firm has hired several staff writers to provide songs for Impres- sion Records. Excellent opportunity for permanent association with important industry-wide publication, ving national and international coverage. Our sales division has some key terri- ies still available.

Based upon the enthusiastic at- tendance and response to the first effort held in the grand ballroom of the Hermitage Hotel in Music City, U. Thus far, artists who are definitely set to play the live show on Oct. In addition. Buddy Cagle Mercury and Roger Miller Smash may be there if contractural commitments can be eased to permit them in Nashville at the time.

His first record for Don Costa Productions will be waxed in the near future. Carey will be servicing record companies and their folk talent with songs from some of the top writers in the field, including Shel Silverstein and Mike Settle. Jarvis will record artists in both the country and pop fields as well as sign new artists to the label.

Merrick Rd. During his 2 week stay. Hall will see Decca's New York licensees and will fly to tlie west coast, Nashville and Detroit to visit several indies, most of which are represented by British Decca in countries outside of the U. If we believe that the Ameri- can product is right for our market and the artist is a good visual per- former, he should come over on a promotion trip to help get maximum sales as soon as possible.

President Bobby King will take charge of na- tional promotion while vice-president Candi Addison is sales manager. Accepting the award for the group were Betty Jackson and Nate Nelson. The contributor is automatically pre-registered for the Opry birthday celebration from Oct.

No one may be admitted to any of the official functions without the registration badge and tickets. Reizer Deals Continued from page 7 pop group there. Righteous Bros. We stick to our bag — no surf, hot rod or skate board. But it should be no less sincere. The High Fidelity Show took place Sept. The result is a listening and viewing experience in full color.

Kloss, a year old student of the Western Pennsylvania School for blind chil- dren in Pittsburgh, has been lauded by many top jazz musicians. His first Prestige album will be released short- ly. Central Ofjicc: Baarn, 'Hie Netherlands. While on this tour, he will give his third com- mand performance for Queen Elizabeth. Each of the artists have a cur- rent release on the label. Nashville, Tenn. Daniels, Ine. He currently qualifies as one of the most active composers, ar- rangers and conductors on the New York music scene.

In addition to all of his behind-the-scenes activities, Ogerman still finds time to function as an artist. Victor will also release a similarly tabbed LP by Ogerman. They hold copyrights on 12 sin- gles released during the first three weeks of Sept. On the international scene, Oger- man is the producer for such artists as Caterina Valente British Decca , who is set for a session in Oct.

He also handles pro- duction for Freddy Quinn on Polydor. All spindles are original manufacturers equipment. The firm also announced the publi- cation of their new 12th Edition Ref- ei'ence Guide and catalog, which con- tains complete new listings by both cartridge manufacturer and phono- graph model number. Recoton Corp.

The tour- ney will immediately precede the star- studded country jamboree with an en- viable talent lineup of celebrities from the entertainment world joining big- time golf names on the links of the Bluegrass Country Club. Tee-off date for the event will be on Oct. Dot Records prexy Randy Wood has also accepted the invitation to join the contest.

Blazers will be awarded to amateurs on the win- ning team. Tickets for the tournament will go on sale shortly and will entitle the purchaser to attend the practice rounds. The following day the group goes to the Los Gatos Festival for an afternoon concert, and that same evening they will be headlining the show for the Festival Grand Ball. George Brock- man will provide the orchestrations and arrangements. Engel, the Antoinette Perry award winner for both and , has conducted well over Broadway shows and has made over 60 major recordings for such companies as Co- lumbia, RCA Victor and Decca; in addition he has written 9 published books and countless articles.

Delugg, as co-writer with her husband, is represented by many suc- cessful pop tunes and albums for children under the label of Golden Records. Moving up in the trades here. Top air play all across the country. Top sales, too! Patterson, the chief engineer for the station, has a long background on tubes, millivolts and assorted gizmos, and plans to specialize in demo ses- sions. According to Collie, the setup is real wild and promises to come up with some unbelievable sounds for lications, A-R Artists and Hickory while Phillips, an RCA Victor record- ing artist, has signed with the pub- bery and the talent stable.

We received a note from Kay Chambers, a gal who has just started up a Ken Rogers Fan Club and is inviting all of his fans to ioin up. Deejay copies are available through P. Box , Nashville. The new label plans to re- cord numerous artists under its label on both singles and albums and will not be exclusively limited to folk or bluegrass music. The three were drafted into the ranks of Blue Grass State while doing a show in Radcliff.

Shucher recently returned from a road jaunt on behalf of Whitman, and was elated by the initial reaction to the record. He also announced that the chanter will be making a number of TV appearances in the early fall. Deejays needing copies can write to him at Box 3, Belen, N. Should be quite a show. Due to her busy schedule she has been unable to attend the convention for the past six years.

Plan now to have your ad message in it! Issue dated: Oct. Michigan Ave. Chicago, III. Bertos Sales W. Morehead Charlotte, N. Carolina Beta Dist. Choice Record Dist. Kansas City, Mo. Davis Sales Co. Denver, Colorado Delta Dist. New Orleans, La. Fenway Dist. Heilicher Bros. Krupp W.

Santa Fe St. El Paso, Texas M. Krupp North 16th St. Phoenix, Arizona Metro Dist. Clair Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Music Craft Dist. Queen St. Baltimore, Md. Music Service 6th St. Great Falls, Montana Mutual Dist. Boston, Mass. Pats One Stop E. Main St. Richmond, Va. Pep Record Sales W.

Pico Blvd. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma P. Broad St. Roberts Record Dist. Louis, Mo. Seattle, Washington Seaway Dist. Spartan Records of Canada P. Box London, Ont. Shreveport, La. Supreme Record Dist. East Hartford, Conn. United Record Dist.

Emanuel St. Houston, Texas Southern Record Dist. Memphis, Tennessee Merit Music Dist. Delightful arrangement and sweet chorus backing could make this one a giant in both markets. Lush orking and vocal backing give the side strong twin-market appeal. Sher- man] Randy Boone could get a big reaction to this sweet, twangy revival of the while-back Nat King Cole smasheroo. Since the group was founded two years ago they have played in clubs and ballrooms all over the country as well as appearing on many TV and radio shows.

They hope to visit the U. Capitol Records of America had its best year ever. They also plan to build a strong roster of British aitistes. Wood, Managing Director of E. Last in America two years ago L. The conference was attended by delegates from the sales force and marketing divisions, plus management representation from overseas companies in Eire, France, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Holland.

Reviewing E. Managing Director Mr. Wood spoke of the close liaison with their American associates and paid tribute to the tremendous sales success of The Beatles. He also outlined E. Delegates attended marketing presentations of both popular and classical repertoire.

The conference was climaxed by a cabaret compered by Rolf Harris with guest appearance by Buddy Greco. English-Dutch relations got a shot in the arm this week as E. Bovema, celebrated their fifth dealer convention. To mark the occasion Bovema President Mr. Gerry Oord flew two separate parties of Dutch dealers and their wives to London for a sight-seeing tour of the English countryside followed by a reception hosted by E.

Eight new members were elected during the London visit. A highlight of the occasion was the presentation to Gerry Oord by E M. Solomon already has music publishing, agency management, promo- tion and record production interests and is now seeking a film company agency to provide him with the only missing link in his chain of activities.

Plans are in hand for all branches of his organisation to be housed under one roof early in November. Pye Records Ltd. Films Ltd. Recordings have been specially pro- duced by a combination of film and record techniques. Initial release of 6 little L.

Besides being the first im- presario to tie in with a commercial radio station, Epstein is following the American pattern of lacing the acts with spectacular dance routines designed to fit in closely with the mood of the show. Choreography by Lionel Blair with the Kick Dancers. This week wc have been informed by SAAK of some interesting- new- releases.

The new record of Francoise Hardy, which has been just presented on the market, has obtained a strong reaction. Minister Gui. Her new- record is, therefore, anxiously expected by her fans and it is supposed that this new item w-ill be a w-inter repetition of her summer hit. Immediately after the trip they w-ill head for Paris, where they will have contact w-ith Francoise Hardy in order to discuss her eventual par- ticipation to the next San Remo Festival.

King and Bobby Darin. Mazzoni, will leave for Zurich Switzerland where they will take part in a TV contest that will be held in that town. From Ri. During her stay in Barcelona, she will record for Belter, which distributes the Ri. Fi line in Spain. He is expected in Milan on Oct. Another important show will be televised from Switzerland all over Europe and will be tape recorded in Campione Switzerland at the end of Oct. The two Durium artists who took part in the Festival of the Neapolitan Songs which has been held in Naples this month, have both entered the final night.

Pablo and his orchestra have a IV show every Saturday, playing modern rhythms for teenagers, and are now recording a new long play with go-go rhythms at RCA. The American label. Red Bird, -will be distributed in Mexico by Grever Publishing, along with foreign recordings and also new Mexican artists accom- panied by big international orchestras.

Lucho used to record at Musart Records. It is reported that Prado is out of danger. All the recording companies and several TV musical shows are playing these rhythms successfully. Radio stations that play this type of music are on top. He also starred several shows at the Gran Rex theater and dance parties at Velez Sarsfield and Independiente.

His performances were well received and will surely mean good promotion for both the artist and his music. Visitors and representatives are expected to arrive on or before October 3. The first official event will be a cocktail party hosted by the Federation, at 9 PM. Regular meetings will take place in the mornings and afternoons till closing Oct.

As we reported before, Rosso expects this one to be the biggest meeting of all those held by the Federation. Reports from CBS state that records by Mr. Trombone, a local artist cover- ing international hits, are reaching high sales. The latest waxing by Mr. The diskery is preparing for release this month, new albums by Los Fronterizos, Brazilian star Ellis Regina, and the Mary Poppins soundtrack.

French artist Michel Cogoni will be arriving m Buenos Aires at the end of the month. Los TNT recently returned from Europe. Received from a Disc Jockey a wonderful album devoted to music written by the late Francisco Canaro, and recorded by chanter Jorge Sobral with the Osvaldo Farantino Orchestra. Sobral has been developing into a very strong artist, and is currently one of the top names in the tango field.

Michael Davis of Famous infos that the latest single by British group the Hollies, is racking up sales. An album recorded by the Acupuleo Serenaders, already renorted in this column, is doing well, and the label expects to release another LP by the same artists, soon. The favorable achievement was re- ported due to the several local hits made by newcomers Teruhiko Saigo, Katsuhiko Miki and by leading singers like Saburo Kitajima and others. Peggy March, having come here this May and having achieved popularity, especially among student girls, will reportedly pay a second visit at the end of October for a two-week tour but, the content of the performance is un- decided.

Her noDularity is expected to grow further on her re-visit to Japan. Frank Nagai. During these years, he has made more than 15 hits, of which a few were million sellers. Hajime Yamazaki, chanson singer, made his debut through King Records with a recommendation of chanson lark, Yoko Kishi. In the second part, he played local Japanese hits.

The Honeycombs reportedly had many successful concerts and TV appear- ances in Japan and left here at the later of August. During their stay, they had two recording sessions at Nippon Columbia No. Also they had a recording session in public at Tokyo Sankei Hall with a gathering of thousands.

These recordings are scheduled to be released soon. Since its release on June 10, approximately 10, copies have been sold to date, Nippon Columbia says. The movie is scheduled to be released during the forthcoming Xmas season in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

It seems that records coupled with a Japanese version and a foreign version of one song are doing well. Tears sung in Japanese and English by Johnny Tillotson, is also climbing the charts. Bobby was completely overwhelmed by hundreds of fans to welcome him at Tokyo International Airport. In October, one great singer and one famous folk group will come to Japan.

The trio will come in the early October and Connie will be after them. The trio had once visited Japan 4 years ago but it was not a concert-tour, so their fans are anxiously awaiting their performances. And talking about Connie, it is certain that she will have a great success because of her great popularity in Japan and her wide reper- tory of Japanese material.

For the first time in several years the single record made a slight comeback and a gain in sales over last year. The LP continued its sensational gains, and more records were sold over normal distribution channels and distribution outside of record shops, meaning mostly the record clubs. The figures in brackets are sales outside of normal record shops.

The increased sales over record clubs is also interesting. The 10" LP is a dying thing. Of course, the classical business in Germany is still top notch and this chart shows that both pop and classical divisions had an LP increase of 1. Classical Music Jan. This eliminates the need for double release and press- ings.

On the production side of the picture Export wise, only the LP was able to list gains. The warehouse control showed that 9. All in all, the record business picked up in despite the strong competition from the tape industry and many other factors. Of course, on the darker side of the picture money wise, much of the LP gain can also be credited to the low priced LP series which has become a strong factor by every firm here in Germany.

An item which drew headlines in the trade papers here was the switch of Poly dor top star Peter Alexander after 11 years to Ariola. We reported on a possible switch some time ago as Peter signed a long term film contract with the Constantin Film which also belongs to the strong Bertelsmann firm which also owns Ariola. The pavillion was made up of one stand containing record players for listeners with earphones and a large phonograph decoration compared to strong separate stands for each firm at every Fair up until this date.

The trade paper asked that in this crucial time for the record business and with a fair which drew over a half million people, can the record industry afford such a weak show? CBS set up a press conference in Frankfurt for the new single by former world cham- pion ice skater Marika Kilius. At the moment on the third spot in the charts here, sales figures are growing every day. Also their new album with the same title looks like a sensation on the Finnish market.

The Three Voices is a new local hottenanny group, just making their debut on Fontana. At a recent meeting with radio and TV people from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, it was discussed if Scandinavia should withdraw from the future spectacles or not.

Cash Box has learned. Behind the displeasure with the Con- tests is a general feeling here that it has turned into something too commer- cial for non-commercial radio and TV countries. There has been a Scandinavian suggestion that the juries during the Contests should be composed by music specialists composers, music critics, etc. Also the rules for the contest should be changed, the Scandinavians feel.

It should be said clearly in advance whether the contest is arranged to get a commercial pop song or if it is arranged to get the best song, which might not always be the same thing. It is known that Denmark wanted to withdraw from the contests after having arranged the spectacle in Copenhagen in , but at the time Finland, Norway and Sweden wanted to try once again to see if there was a chance to solve the problems one way or another.

Billy Vaughn was in town. His arrival and stay in Stockholm was given very little publicity by the record company handling his records in Sweden. Michael Ramel, 16, is a new name on records here. His father, Povel Ramel, has for years been a fast-selling name on records and as composer, lyric-writer and show producer. Senior and Junior Ramel will be heard on the same record, made by Knappupp.

Gillon is being published by Modern Music AB. Diamond Duke. Dunhill Dynavoice Epic. Four Corners Freeport ,. HBR Imperial. Joda 91 85 There is a good chance the very talented gal will be booked for further guest shots on the Buck Owens tour, and an American recording contract could also be in the offing.

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